Bago Maze

Bago Vineyards is excited to announce the Bago Maze is now complete and open to the public.


Admission is $10 Adults, $7 Children. Group bookings are strictly by appointment only. Please phone us on 02 6585 7099 to enquire about making a group booking.

Opening Hours

The Bago Maze is open from 9.30am every day. Last entry to the maze is 4pm. The Bago Maze takes approximately 20 minutes to an hour to complete.

The maze will form the first and central element of the future planned Bago Gardens, which Bago Vineyards will be developing over the next few years. 

Bago Maze

The Bago Maze is the largest hedge maze in NSW, with a total area of 10,000 square metres and 2000 metres of pathways. The design of the maze has taken inspiration from the surrounding vineyard and bushland, incorporating a myriad of symbolic imagery within its pathways and hedges. The cyclic and seasonal nature of the vineyard together with the flowing influences of earth, air and water is represented in two interlaced spirals. From the centres of these spirals, tendril like pathways radiate to the outer limits of the maze where two lookout towers will enable views over hedges and help walkers plot their ways out.

Deep within the maze a series of bridges and boardwalks over a sunken path add a third dimension and are symbolic of the twists and tangles of an ever growing grapevine. As the walker approaches the end of the maze they will pass through a section representative of a bunch of grapes (the final product of the vineyard) and exit at a point where grapes become wine.

The aim of the maze is to be fun and challenging. An optional task, if accepted will be to find several hidden items throughout its tangled paths, each of these items will produce clues of how to solve the maze and provide a key to its hidden secret. 

Construction of the maze began in December 2006 with the setting out and planting of the first 900 plants. A variety of Lilly Pilly was chosen as the most suitable hedge plant for our area. The remainder of the planting took place in Spring 2007. Future planned developments around the maze include an open air amphitheatre, viewing and picnic deck, rainforest and sculpture garden walks, children’s playground and under ground cellar.


View our Bago Maze progress pictures

Click here to view a map of the Bago Maze (PDF 3.1MB)